Friday, April 24, 2015

Congratulations GSW!! from (me!) sandra, tvgp #warriors @writeousmom

-as i recently took responsibility for Wisconsin's loss..   and explained in great detail why it was my fault.. and most sincerely apologized;

today I get to take credit for the warriors remarkable! Spectacular! Amazing-come-back-of-a-win.

What happen you see, is that during the entire first half I was at my sons baseball game.. Helping them win.  -and unfortunately, despite  today's technology, 3D printing,  -still we are unable to have a clone and/or be in two places at once in flesh and bone..    /although we can be everywhere in spirit, and image, but let me return to the game..

So, I walk in during the 3rd quarter, my dad has the game on.. I glance at the score..  What?!?   

I apologized immediately.  I said.. "Oh my goodness.. let me sit down and give this game my undivided attention so the warriors will win."

And how exciting!!  last time I had to say I'm sorry.  And this time I get to say..

"You're welcome!".   /least I could do..

"CONGRATULATIONS!   WARRIORS!".  -privilege to witness that level of talent..   determination.. skill... inexhaustible spirit...  -to the last second of the game; never letting up.. 

all day today I will relive different moments and just say 'wow!'


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