Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get eric kandel on the phone for (me!) Sandra, tvgp #selfportrait

-how is this analogous to how humans store memory?

K.. I want to find my self portrait poem somewhere in blog.  I go to the search bar..  If I type in self portrait.. Many posts.  But! If I can think of and type a word which..  One word! which is found only in that poem; exclusive to it..    -search will take me directly there.

Experiments/thoughts from past posts:    go to   the search bar was removed.  You can only search history (synonym for memory) by going to google.. And cross referencing pleasanton patch and name of person, subject or article..

But only for articles that did not get entirely deleted when they changed platforms.. So!   -a go around, detour for history/memories

And!  Search all you want but some history/memories are. -gone.  -based on a date.. Anything prior to (said date) -gone.

I'm very suspicious that our brains/pathways to stored memories is similar or at least analogous to..

I sure would love to talk in person...   


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