Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dear Brain Initiative Sub-Committees -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

-has anyone found the care neuron yet?


also.. as mentioned before.. I tell you:   I have had the experience of hearing a song for the first time, and in my imagination, watch an entirely choreographed dance number, with what appear to be master level dancers. 


in practical real life

if you are a choreographer, which I have been, but at a very amateur level..

but if you are.. You have multiple exposures to a song before you choreograph to it..   and in your choreography, you do 8 or 16 or 24 steps at a time, go back, add on.. Make a change here and there.. Etc. Until you have a whole dance number.  -there are several practices, adjustments, rehearsals..

yet..  In my imagination, I see entire numbers,  -already complete.

How? How? How?

it is my great fantasy that there one day be a way to hook up some kind of technology which allows me to share what I'm getting to see

It is spectacular!    -but I can't seem to duplicate the experience even with exposure to the same song again..   -sometimes its nothing or its a new dance..

It is also very worth noting that I have no way to PROVE to you, that I am seeing what I see..   how could I provide evidence for anything taking place in my imagination?   -I have to count on you believing me..

but whether you believe me or not; it IS true...

so, as you research the brain..   Research in depth our imaginations;  evidence there of; what it means to believe vs. Know vs. Hope.. Vs. Wonder.. 

because that would blow my mind.. To know the origin/source; like, exactly how it is that I get to see these amazing choreographed numbers unfold before me..  that I myself absolutely did NOT choreograph..  how?   And it is my intuitive response..

/oh my God.. Don't forget to research intuition!!

but, it is my intuitive response, that I am the only one seeing this specific choreographed dance..

but maybe.. Maybe there is someone else on the planet somewhere who is seeing the same thing?  How wild would that be? 

And so I think about that today..  if someone heard the same song and saw the same dance with the same dancers I'm seeing in my imagination..   Wild!  

but doesn't it stand to reason.. That in order for me to see it at all.. It had to already exist?  Or am I witnessing a spontaneous manifestation of a dance number perfectly choreographed in its first effort; first unfolding?    -adding to my growing list of curiosities..


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