Monday, April 27, 2015

BIG DREAMS! BIG DREAMS! (Me!) sandra, tvgp

I ALREADY told you.. I do not even know how to dream small.


so, there i was..  spooning with Russell crowe at our 1,400 acre spread down under..

and then I, you know, kissed him some, turned him toward me..

I said,   "baby. look around."

and he looked around my body.  I laughed. I said," no, I mean look around you." And he looked around the room.  I said "no..

i mean, close your gorgeous eyes and look around in your imagination at the world around you.."

and so he closed his eyes.  And I kissed him some more.

And then I said..  "you know I love your work.. you are a genius at what you do.. God gifted you and you are not wasting that gift..

and you know I love comedies..  humor..  and you can do it all.."

and I kissed him some more..   and then I said,

"but when you look around the world..  Honey, baby..  Do you really think the world needs a thriller, comedy about the possible suicide of a fading porn star.."

he smiled. And opened his gorgeous eyes.  

I said,  "-you know I love you but I hope it dives at the box office."

and then..   After I woke him up.

I woke up too.


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