Tuesday, December 12, 2017

slow rhythms, deep rhymes. a poem, written for/inspired by Robert..from (me!) -tops.

no secret really, -to your success;
to getting what you want

won't make you guess, or let you fail;
I can tell you quite up front:

"music!"    /commercial-free music.

~music makes my body groove   -turn it on, I can't not move
makes me need to be all up close to you

                  will make me crawl up on and in your lap
make my tongue navigate   -your skin my map

 be back soon, kiss your face
go explore, dictates the bass

want more longer,  -better hit repeat
             I go cold quick, without a sexy beat

to get lost in

 music to turn you on
    your rapid breaths my favorite song

yes, please, thank you
        -not just for me

its the music..  baby,  brought me to my knees

to trace you.

to slow rhythms, deep rhymes   ~I must taste you
with instrumental solos I can pace you.
with Ginuwine low lights  -I ride and race you
extended version - we remix - and
         cant wait to double back and face-to-face you.

kiss to where weve been, and what weve seen
to how me met, and what love means

to staying hot, and staying true
to the marionette I am for you

and sensual music

that's what pulls my strings
that + you, and i'll do sexy things

listening for my favorite song
 sing my rapid yes's write along

then thank you.

second round    ~hit repeat
back on for you and a sexy beat

that's what pulls my strings
that + you,  you sexy thing.



oh! I love terms of endearment..  and write now, I just call him sexy   /for very obvious reasons..

and he calls me tops.

the origin of this can be traced to our stroll along the boardwalk in capitola..  when, tucked within a longer conversation, Robert talked about having friends of different levels..

and then, sometime after that date, and a great meal, and spectacular intimate relations..  

I said to Robert with a smile, I said..      "whatever level friend I am to you write now...  I want to stay at this level for a good long time."

   ~ i made it to the top!
woo hoo....  

and Dear Jesus...   I want to stay there!     amen.


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