Saturday, May 27, 2017

english points for (joe!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

how old is joe?  ive forgotten... 19?  -but a treasure of a co-worker friend..

and I was light~heartedly asking, not anticipating he would really know

but I had just scribbled a quick haiku on a small post it note, and so said, "do you know what a haiku is?"

and he said,

" 3, 5, 3...      no,   5, 7, 5..."

and I was like, "I'm calling your English professor to make sure you get extra credit.. I'm very impressed with you!"

           -inspired by alden lane


saturday morning
flowers will flirt with the sun
leaves will whisper yes

/and speaking of poetry, haikus and alden lane...

    oh no,  ~not another cerebral hyperlink...    yes!    -because we have a bran new employee and his name..

his name....

his name is...                          jaime.

so speaking of boys in my scrapbook.     i don't have one picture of my jaime f. ospina from bogota colombia.

but...  what a poet!   what a writer!     i avoid facebook at all cost, but i did google..   and fully expected to find him in 2017 as a published author/poet/speaker...

i'm not great at this type of research.. and only minimally curious,   so, a quick surface effort, and no luck, but wherever you are..  hope you put that gift/talent to good use.    and may i belatedly thank you.    my favorite term of endearment/pet name..  any boyfriend ever did employ to address (me!)

~sandarita.         /add accent; melt...


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